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You can read the full interpretation of a dream in which you saw "Mirror" on this page.

Important to understand: The correct interpretation of many dreams in which you see "Mirror" in many cases depends on the dream as a whole, from a set of little details which meet in a dream together with "Mirror". If you want to find out the full meaning of your dream in which you saw "Mirror", you should address to experts or to write to us, having in detail described your dream. We always try to solve for you secrets of dreams.

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  • Twelve houses of a horoscope

    • Fifth House: The House Of Leo And The Sun.: Moon. There is usually creativity, a powerful imagination, and intuition. Often the creative urge is expressed through having children, and here we often see very young parents. It is also common for great pleasure to be taken from lovemaking.
    • Eighth House. The House Of Scorpio And Pluto: The Second House rules security through earnings, and in the Eighth House the accent is on inheritance, investment, unearned income, and insurance. Negative emotions, such as jealousy and resentfulness, can emerge, often countered by self-analysis and soul searching. Sexual instincts and fulfilment are also focused, as is the individual’s attitude toward death and the afterlife.
    • Twelfth House: The House Of Pisces And Neptune.: Uranus. The contrasting zodiac entities come together through humanitarianism. These people have the potential to do a lot of good for humanity, as the sharpness of the planet will ignite action from the somewhat complacent attitude of the Twelfth House.
  • Influence on people of planets in astronomy

    • Pluto In Virgo: Pluto was in Virgo from 1957 to 1971. Also, Uranus and Pluto formed a conjunction in Virgo for several years at this time. There was much student violence and criticism of the older generation’s values. This generation has a very special power, still expressed by more extreme politicians and the uncaring attitude of many others. Virgo as Sun, Moon, or Ascendant sign plus Pluto adds an obsessive tendency which needs countering by seeing the broad picture of situations and projects. More generally, the influence heightens the ability to specialize in chosen subjects. Healthy eating is essential for this generation.
    • Saturn In Aquarius: Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius, so its influence is increased from this sign. Here it is in a positive mood and as light-hearted as is possible with this dour planet. It encourages independence and strength of will. These individuals are usually selfcontained, but, as is the case with any Aquarian emphasis, very friendly and helpful. The humanitarian side of the sign will be pronounced. There is considerable originality, but stubbornness can be a problem at times. Any Aquarian eccentricity is very subdued and will only very rarely emerge. Discipline is another positive Saturnine influence from this sign.
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