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Important to understand: The correct interpretation of many dreams in which you see "Otter" in many cases depends on the dream as a whole, from a set of little details which meet in a dream together with "Otter". If you want to find out the full meaning of your dream in which you saw "Otter", you should address to experts or to write to us, having in detail described your dream. We always try to solve for you secrets of dreams.

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  • Twelve houses of a horoscope

    • Second House: The House Of Taurus And Venus.: Neptune. Emotions, with perhaps a tad of possessiveness, will flow towards those whom these individuals admire. Very generous, hopeless with cash, and will over-spend and usually need help with finances. Will love beautiful objects.
    • Seventh House: The House Of Libra And Venus.: Pluto. With Pluto in the Seventh House, there is a tendency to dominate relationships; this should be corrected before the other partner crumbles. The emotional content will be high; if it is expressed positively, all will be well.
    • First House.the House Of Aries And Mars: This is the house of the Ascendant, or Rising sign, which, along with the Sun sign, is the most important area of the birth chart. It represents the lifestyle, health, wellbeing, and physical and psychological characteristics of the Ascendant. A planet in this house will modify these characteristics and often alter the appearance of the individual.
  • Influence on people of planets in astronomy

    • Sun Sign: Sagittarius. Mercury In Sagitta Rius: Sagittarian intellectualism is further enhanced when Mercury joins the Sun in this sign. There is a wide breadth of vision but very little ability to see fine detail, which is often overlooked. The Sagittarian broad and rather jokey sense of humour will be present, as will terrific optimism, enthusiasm, and a near fear of claustrophobic psychological or physical living conditions.
    • Pluto In Leo: The Second World War broke out as Pluto settled into a new sign (in Leo, 1937–57) and emphasized the concomitant disasters. But here there was a much more acceptable reason for war, and it was successful in spite of the appalling suffering and elimination of millions of innocent people. The good that came out of this influence was in the formation of the United Nations, which has very Leonine overtones. When Leo is a person’s Sun, Moon, or Ascendant sign, a power complex can develop. Generally a spark of Leo big-heartedness is present, especially if there are planets in other fire signs, but the enthusiasm of the fire element is suppressed. Here are people who were the first computer buffs, and who, because of Pluto in Leo, knew when to pull the plug to stop the machine from taking over.
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